The process of palm kernel oil extraction existed since early human civilization. In ancient times, palm kernel oil extraction process merely involves the cleaning of palm kernels and grinded with the use of grinders or stone mills. In modern times, with the advancement of science and technology, palm kernel screw press and palm kernel expellers are introduced, which offer a much efficient solution in extracting palm kernel oil.  Today, palm kernel oil expellers play a vital role in the Malaysia palm oil industry.

As we all know, palm kernels contain some amount of oil in them, which can be extracted by crushing them usinbg palm kelnel oil expeller. A palm kernel screw press is a mechanical machine that is used to extract palm kernel oil by applying intense pressure to palm kernels. During earlier times, traditional methods of grinding were used as a method of palm kernel oil extraction, but these methods did not produce as effective results as the modern palm kernel oil expellers do.

MBL is a manufacturer of palm kernel expellers primarily for palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil expellers comprise primarily of pressing stations, coupling, gearbox, pulley and belt, and a motor.

The palm kernel oil expeller is designed with the main shaft directly driven by a coupling affixed to the gearbox. Thus, it has a simple structure by eliminating the extra gear set needed. This EK series design of palm kernel oil expeller reduces maintenance costs and time.

MBL are also manufacturers of automated palm kernel oil seed expellers, better known as the EK (Automated) series. The automated palm kernel oil seed expellers are designed to protect the gearbox from breaking  or the main shaft or bearing from malfunctioning.

Thus, our palm kernel oil expellers are well known for being the most efficient and cost effective in the industry.

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